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Charlie Jade (2005)

20 x 45mins

One half hour from now one man will discover a gateway between worlds, a secret that will destroy mankind. A reluctant hero in search of the past. Everything he knows has disappeared, everything he believes in is about to change...

Cast:                  Jeffrey Pierce, Michael Filipowich, Patricia McKenzie,

                           Tyron  Benskin, Marie-Julie Rivest

Genre:               Sci-Fi                                 

Charlie Jade (2005)
Bass2Billfish (2011-2013)

40 x 30mins

Spinning together elements of reality, travelogue and fishing, and presented by accomplished tournament angler and TV personality Peter Miller, Bass2Billfish represents a new species of fishing show. Fishermen, women and children from all over the US submit an audition video for their chance to be selected for the fishing trip of a lifetime to Florida; known as the Fishing Capital Of The World due to it’s abundance of sought after game fish. Whether on salt or freshwater, every episode delivers epic battles and spectacular lands. Under expert instruction from Peter and his team lucky winners catch everything from goliath grouper to bass and shark to swordfish, experiencing the time of their lives in the Sunshine State. Showcasing the very best that Florida has to offer, whether you fish or not, you’ll definitely wish you were there!

Genre:               Sport/Reality/Travel/HD     

Bass2Billfish (2011)
K9 - The Series (2009)

26 x 24mins

From the writer of Wallace and Gromit, Bob Baker. Originally created for the 1970s Doctor Who series by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 has long been an iconic television character. Now a new adventure series featuring everyone's favourite robot dog in a brand new 21st Century design! K9 is a children's sci- fi/adventure series combining comedy, action and suspense X Files meets Men in Black with a zany dash of Ghostbusters.

Genre:              Youth/Live Action/Sci-Fi/HD

Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scot (2003)

4 x 30mins

Jackie Stewart is one of Britain's all time great sporting personalities. Winner of three motor racing F1 World Championships and twenty-seven Grand Prix, Jackie's black cap and sideburns remain an unmistakable image of awesome speed, 70s glamour and charisma.

Featuring interviews with: Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi, Murray Walker, Edsel Ford and Sean Connery.

Genre:              Sport/ Documentary

Los Zafiros (2004)

1 x 60mins

Before The Platters and The Drifters there were Los Zafiros, a band of singers that perfromed a heady mix of Cuban music and two of whom became part of the famous Buena Vista Social Club. An award winning documentary

Director:           Lorenzo DeStefano

Genre:              Music/Documentary

K9 (2009)
Endurance Traveler (2010)
Endurance Traveler - Season 1 (2010)

10 x 45mins

Endurance Traveler is the next leap forward for lifestyle entertainment. As a travelogue series featuring endurance sporting events at travel destinations, Endurance Traveler blends food, entertainment, the human experience and of course the endurance events.

The series is hosted by Dean Warhaft, an experienced endurance athlete, writer, attorney, land surveyor and amateur chef who has raced, eaten, and explored his
way across 6 continents for almost 2 decades. His unique combination of on-air presence and athletic prowess brings Endurance Traveler to life.

Genre:               Sport/Reality/HD                     

Grand Star (2009)

26 x 24mins

In the latter part of the 21 st century, there is cataclysmic explosion on the moon, which was being used as a nuclear waste dump, and the earth is turned into a frozen mass of ice. Billions died but a few hundred left the earth to rebuild their lives on a new planet. A spectacular epic, gliding on the train tracks that still criss-cross a frozen world, of human  conflict, adventures and mystery.

Genre:               Youth/Live Action/Sci-Fi/HD

Grand Star (2009)

Rolling Like A Stone (2005)


1 x 60mins

A party thrown together by a Swedish rock band in 1965 was no ordinary party - guests included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones. As well as including actual footage of the party, this award-winning documentary
puts the partygoers together again after 40 years to talk about their memories.

Genre:               Music / Documentary


This Is Wonderland (2004)


39 x 45mins

Alice's life turns tragicomic when she is thrown unprepared into the chaotic criminal courts as public defender. Her clients are numerous, colourful, offbeat and desperate. Her patience and compassion are tested daily as she struggles to serve them. Luckily, Alice's sense of humour and tenacity keep her afloat and occasionally, she manages to strike a few small blows for justice in the world.

Cast: Cara Pifko, Michael Riley, Michael Murphy, Tom Rooney, Michael Healey


The Rape Of Nanking (2007)


1 x 55min, 1 x 100mins

In December 1937, the Japanese Army marched into China's capital city of Nanking and proceeded to murder 300,000 out of 600,000 civilians and soldiers in the city. The six weeks of carnage represented the single worst atrocity during the World War II era.A stunning, acclaimed, HD documentary feature available as a 55 min or 100 min version.

Director: Bill Spahic & Anne Pick

Producer: Anne Pick

Genre:  Factual Documentary                


The Hunger (1997 - 2000)

44 x half hours




THE HUNGER is a stunning anthology of ‘tales of the forbidden and the bizarre’, marking the first entry into television production for multi-award winning film makers Ridley and Tony Scott (Scott Free Productions).


Over 44 entwined stories THE HUNGER presents a parable of paranoia and sexual wickedness, carnal adventure and desire. With characters forced to deal with their desires, by the story's end the show ensures you'll never learn a thing....... except more about your dark side!


Hosted by screen and music legend David Bowie, and British icon Terence Stamp, the series explores the deepest and darkest obsessions of supernatural and erotic fiction. Scary, sexy, and sometimes shocking. Be careful what you wish for!

Cast:              Terence Stamp, David Bowie, Lena Headey, Daniel Craig,

                        Giovanni Ribisi, Karen Black, Eric Roberts

Producers: Tony & Ridley Scott (Scott Free Productions), Telescene Film Group

The Hunger - Series 2
The Hunger (1997-2000)
The Hunger - Series 1
Enter The Jungle (2014)


'The Gracie Killer' and his Favela Fighters

In 2003 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt fighter Wallid Ismail held his mixed martial arts and kickboxing ‘Jungle Fight’ deep within the Amazon Jungle. Today the charismatic ex-fighter (AKA ‘The Gracie Killer’) can call JUNGLE FIGHT Latin America’s biggest fight show! This documentary captures fifteen intense contests in Brazil at ‘Jungle Fight’ venues, including the first ever held in Rio’s notorious ‘City of God’, fights that represent the best in MMA. The film also traces Wallid’s origins in Amazonas, Northern Brazil, looks at his fighting career and profiles his current role as MMA promoter as he moves between the different worlds of Brazil and Hollywood.


Genre:  Feature documentary

Director:  Alex Harvey, Tommy Sowards

Narrated by:  ICE T


Endurance Traveler (2010)
Killing Dad
Killing Dad (1990)

Elliott, is a life-long mummy's boy. When his mother receives a letter from his long-lost father begging for forgiveness, Elliott realises he must protect her and makes his way to Southend with plans of bumping off his no-good father, Monty . But it seems Monty has embellished on the truth somewhat - he is living in a decaying hotel with his less than glamorous girlfriend Judith . As Elliott gets caught up in life in Southend, he realises that his plan may be a little more difficult to execute than he had first expected.


Genre:  Comedy

Director:  Michael Austin

Cast: Denholm Elliott (Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade), Julie Walters,

Richard E. Grant


Gregory's Girl
Gregory's Girl (1980)

Gregory  is a normal, gangly, hormonally-challenged student who, like his pals, has begun to discover the charms of the opposite sex, particularly those of Dorothy , the new girl in school and a talented soccer player. Dorothy joins the team, and Gregory instantly becomes smitten with her. Gregory's affections are a given in spite of the fact that Dorothy is a better player than most of the boys on the hapless team, and her presence inspires a great deal of angst and embarrassment. Gregory is prepared to go to humiliating lengths in order to win Dorothy's attention, but it doesn't quite work out as he anticipates.


Genre:  Comedy

Director:  Bill Forsyth (Local Hero, Gregory's Girl)

Cast: John Gordon Sinclair (World War Z, Local Hero), Dee Hepburn (The Bruce, Maggie) , Clare Grogan (Comfort & Joy)


Comfort & Joy (1984)

After his girlfriend walks out on him, a Glasgow DJ tries to develop other interests. But his stint at investigative journalism blows the lid on corruption in the local ice-cream business, and he finds himself at the centre of a full-scale war. With music by Mark Knopfler


Genre:  Comedy

Director:  Bill Forsyth (Local Hero, Gregory's Girl)

Cast: Bill Paterson (The Killing Fields), Eleanor David (Pink Floyd: The Wall), Clare Grogan (Gregory's Girl)


This Is Wonderland (2004)
Comfort & Joy

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