Fly Me


A powerful political thriller

Freddie Laker was once one of the most famous faces on either side of the Atlantic. The launch of his Skytrain in 1977, democratised air travel providing cheap airfares to the US for the first time. Five years later Skytrain was bankrupt. The destruction of Skytrain is a powerful, dramatic and important story.
This feature film follows the dramatic legal and personal battles fought by Freddie with his American lawyer Bob Beckman, on both sides of the Atlantic. In the end, when it looked like Freddie was about to win, it took Margaret Thatcher, eager not to jeopardise the privatisation of her national airline, putting pressure on the ‘special relationship’ with President Reagan, to finally sink Freddie. For the first time in American legal history, a President intervened in a Grand Jury case. Reagan had the Jury dismissed!
FLY ME is full of personal and public drama, corporate intrigue, involving banks, airlines, epic legal battles and political manipulation. But this isn’t just a story about one man’s rise and fall or a biopic about how a larger than life character bit off more than he could chew. What makes the story of his destruction compelling and relevant is that the combined forces of big business and politics which brought him down are still in place today, and still directly affecting how we live our lives.
If you enjoyed Charlie Wilson's War or The Insider you’ll enjoy FLY ME.

Director: TBA


Screenplay:  Ruth Fowler & Stefan Forbes

Little America

Real and fictional characters of London 1939-45

Television series such as Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs, with their vivid blend of storytelling against the background of an England of a bygone era, have enchanted audiences all over the world..  Little America will employ similar storytelling techniques but this time against the backdrop of the real events in Britain (and particularly London) in World War II. The years of the Blitz; of Britain standing alone against the Nazi threat; of the Battle of Britain; of the D-Day landings will all be seen through the eyes of fictional key players in the US Embassy at the time.  Dramatised by top quality writers and with well known British and American actors the series will tell the engrossing behind-the-scenes story of how the United States and Britain forged their crucial wartime alliance and formed that ‘Special Relationship’ that still exists today.

Through the eyes of our fictional characters, the series will look at the personal journeys of several real Americans, and in particular the little known but hugely respected US ambassador Gil Winant, in London at the time. A London that, despite the horrors and deprivation, provided  a unique,’ live-for-today’ atmosphere.

Pilot written by Caleb Ranson (Night & Day / Pilot / The Outsiders)



Film Projects

Rainbow City


​4 x 50’ episodes

The corrupt present meets a brutal past as we’re taken to the dark core of a damaged rainbow nation, South Africa where these days it’s hard to distinguish between the cops and the robbers. Slyly intelligent, darkly comic amid the pitiless violence of scintillating, sinful Cape Town - cool to look at, but with a vicious underbelly. Fish Pescado is an out of work private investigator who spends his days surfing the rips of False Bay when he’s not righting the wrongful. The best thing in his life is stunningly beautiful, sharp witted girlfriend Vicky Kahn, a poker addict and hot-shot lawyer. Sometimes his old police friend “Slim” Cele can help - and sometimes he can’t… there’s drugs and the gangs of the Cape Flats, abalone smuggling and the Chinese triads, the billion dollar trade in ivory and horn, powerful crime lords and international mercenaries – paradise can be a dangerous place…


Based on the characters/novel Of Cops & Robbers by South Africa’s best-selling author Mike Nicol

Series developed with Andrew Worsdale (Durban Poison).


Zero Six Bravo


60 Special Forces, 100,000 Enemy

A six-part series based upon the Bestseller by Damien Lewis

In February 2003 sixty elite operators from M Squadron – an SBS unit, with SAS and Delta Force embeds – were sent 1,000 kilometres behind enemy lines on a true mission impossible to take the surrender of the 100,000 strong Iraqi Army 5th Corps. From the very start it earned the nickname ‘Operation No Return’
Caught in a ferocious ambush by thousands of die hard fanatics of Saddam Hussein’s Fedayeen, plus the awesome firepower of the 5th Corp’s heavy armour, M Squadron launched a  desperate bid to escape, inflicting major damage on their enemies. But with their vehicles bogged in Iraqi swamps, and running low on fuel and ammunition, they were forced to blow up their wagons. Massively outnumbered, outmanoeuvered and outgunned and with their few surviving Land Rovers shot to shreds, the elite operators destroyed sensitive equipment and prepared for death or capture as the Iraqis closed in.
Zero Six Bravo recounts in vivid and compelling detail the most desperate battle fought by British and Allied Special Forces trapped behing enemy lines since World War Two.
Damien Lewis’ novel achieved the position of No.1 in The Sunday Times hardback bestsellers March 31 2013


Pilot written by Damien Lewis


Produced by Park Television Productions with Cowboy Films (Top Boy; Last King of Scotland).

Operation Chastise


Much has been written about and seen of Operation Chastise, the attack on German dams carried out on 16–17 May 1943 by the RAF  617 Squadron, using a specially developed "bouncing bomb" invented and developed by Barnes Wallis.

However little has been told of what happened when the Möhne and Edersee Dams were breached, causing catastrophic flooding of the Ruhr valley and of villages in the Eder valley.  Two hydroelectric powerplants, factories and mines were either damaged or destroyed.

An estimated 1,600 people drowned, including many foreign prisoners-of-war. Worst hit was the city of Neheim at the confluence of the Möhne and Ruhr rivers, where over 800 people perished, among them at least 493 female forced labourers from the Ukraine.

Operation Chastise, written by Caleb Ranson as a four-part series mixes fact and footage of the brave Lancaster crews with a fictional story of the munition workers and their German employers and Nazi guards. A story that is part about the survival of the flyers; and part about the fight for survival in the raging flood that tore through the towns and factories downriver.



A one hour renewable series about the crime-solving / paranormal investigative duo Haris “H”  Habibi  - a charismatic American illusionist and parkour expert with numerous TV shows behind his popularity - and Thomas Wells, the sarcastic and reclusive British creator of the phenomenally successful graphic novel ‘Springheel Jack’.


With the pilot episode written by Ben Aaronovitch (‘Rivers of London’) and Ruth Fowler (‘Fly Me’), this contemporary show evokes SHERLOCK, X-FILES, UTOPIA and FRINGE. Plot, action, and VFX-driven, the series is rooted in the complex friendship of the mismatched protagonists, set against the backdrop of today’s fast-moving world of pop-culture, social media and the entertainment business. What neither recognizes is how interdependent they are. What both recognize, very quickly, is that SPRINGHEEL JACK - Thomas’ blockbuster graphic novel - has begun playing out in real-life events.


Each week will see Thomas and H confront a different supernatural mystery while also beginning to understand more and more the scope and the scale of the forces leveled against them. They will try to figure out why them, why now, and where such manifestations come from and worse, where they are heading. For Thomas it’s obvious; a greater power is at work, and always has been. For H, there is always a rational explanation to be found. That is at least until now.



A returnable one hour thriller set in a parallel present.

Our closest living relatives are the great apes, and there are six species of apes alive today. So the question is can the world only have room for one species of human at any one time? What would happen if a new species of Man emerged?


And what would our response be to this new cousin of ours when we are able to so easily dispossess and kill our brother? Would we really welcome him with open arms when we are so ready to build walls and electric fences to stave off immigrants that belong to our own species? And what if this ‘new man’ was a ‘better’ man than we? Stronger, faster, cleverer, – would we welcome him or hunt him to extinction?


Much like the series ‘Utopia’ and ‘Humans’, the drama ‘Evolver’ is set in a parallel present day and combines the heightened reality of a family drama with an action thriller using multi-episode story arcs. The series focuses on a group of disparate seemingly ordinary people who discover they are part of a new emerging species with superhuman abilities.


A dark parable of more science fact than fiction this is a story fundamentally exploring what it means to be human tackling themes of racism and civil liberties A bit dystopian and Black Mirror- esque conceptually the audience will be torn as to who the bad guys really are as both sides have a reasonable argument as to why the other should be regarded as a clear and present danger.


Written by Manjit Singh.

Television Projects

Blue Eye


“Blue Eye”, spins a web of Russian government-connected oligarchs, the politics of climate change, nuclear energy and world finance markets. In a fast-moving series set against the backdrop of the world’s oldest lake and the City of London’s square mile, Blue Eye explores contemporary issues with complex characters who find themselves unwittingly caught in a spy story of global significance.

Set in London, Almaty, Kazakhstan and the stunning Lake Baikal of Siberia, the series is based on an original novel, the first of a trilogy, written by Tracy Elner an international businessman, environmentalist and teacher. In the 1990’s he had first-hand business experience of the collapse of the Former Soviet Union’s command-led economy and the ensuing transition to ‘managed’ capitalism. More recently, he’s been a pioneer in the fledgling emission markets and a regular speaker at business events with regional leaders in the Gulf States, particularly on climate change and renewables.

A treatment for the series is being written by Chris Lunt (ITV’s ‘Prey’).


God's Lions - The Secret Chapel


Summoned to Rome by an old friend, a Jesuit scholar finds himself using a code discovered in the Bible to unearth an ancient, hidden chapel in the catacombs under the city. When a rogue force of Vatican security officials are alerted to his discovery, the priest flees to the Holy Land with a clue ... a clue that will lead him and a team of Israeli Christians to a much larger secret in the middle of the barren Negev Desert.

Meticulously researched and drawing on scientific fact, John Lyman's intriguing story takes readers into the world of scholars, archaeologists, code-breakers, and intelligence specialists who have discovered a prophetic code hidden within the Old Testament that authenticates the Bible as a book of supernatural origin and points to a divine plan. This gripping story based on the book by John Lyman is truly a thought-provoking and action-packed thriller with implications for our future.

John Lyman is the bestselling author of the GOD'S LIONS series. His thrillers have captured the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of readers around the world and each new release continues to amaze. His first novel, GOD'S LIONS - THE SECRET CHAPEL, rose quickly to the number one spot on the Kindle bestseller list in several genres and is currently in development for a major motion picture. THE SECRET CHAPEL was soon followed by three sequels: HOUSE OF ACERBI, THE DARK RUIN, and REALM OF EVIL.

The film will be directed by multi-award winning director Vic Armstrong.

The Lawnmower Man


Revival of a Cult Classic

Jaunt VR, a dedicated Virtual Reality company based in Los Angeles announced at the Sundance Festival 2017 that they would be producing a VR feature based upon the 1992 cult classic THE LAWNMOWER MAN. Partnering with rights holder Jim Howell of Park Television Productions, and Rupert Harvey of Triton Media Inc., Jaunt will develop and produce a re-imagination of the film that kick-started the VR conversation 25 years ago. 

“The original movie was a film of unsurpassed imagination and creativity with its ground-breaking use of VR back in 1992,” said Jim Howell. “Together with Jaunt we look forward to a contemporary team bringing to life a whole new world of VR; a world of immersive entertainment and communication. We are very excited to be working with Jaunt to create a VR realization of the film.”

The feature film Lawnmower Man (based on a short story by Stephen King)  starring Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey, broke new ground, for the first time incorporating computer-generated images (CGI) and effects with live action. The film took the equivalent at today’s prices of $300 million at the worldwide box office (figs. from National Association of Theatre Owners  2012 ). A successful sequel Lawnmower Man – Beyond Cyberspace was released in 1994.



Park Television Productions is also about to start development on the remake and/or adaptation of a number of films owned by the company and its partners. These include:


ANDROID – a remake of the 1982 film. A maverick scientist experiments with androids on a space station. When three mercenaries choose to hide out on the station violence erupts.

NOSTRADAMUS – a remake of the 1994 film, a modern day television pundit stumbles upon a technology that simulates complex scenarios and thereby predicts future events;

HOWLING  - werewolves have recently become the focus of teen romance films. However, this remake repositions the lycanthropes as one of cinema’s stand-out monsters.

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